Somebody doesn’t get the web

This is a real letter that was sent (yes, printed and sent, not emailed) to some of our friends who have a child at the school.

What I love about this is that the sender has clearly recognised that having to type in that long URL is going to be tedious and error prone so rather than providing a short link they have had the bright idea of providing a QR code. Now I have been in IT for 30 years and I don’t have a QR code reader on my phone so I do wonder how many others would.

This is what they should have done:

2014_10_19_13_58_02 2

Oh and the link doesn’t actually work.


Italy 2014 – Day 6 – And back again

Last days away are always hard as you have to balance the time you have available to do something meaningful with an eye on the clock to ensure you leave enough time to make your flight. Today was one of those days although with a flight not due to leave until 17:20 we had plenty of time for one last bit of sightseeing.

Behind the hotel where we were staying was a park housing the Villa Borghese and this was one of the few areas we had yet to venture so this morning we went for a wander through it along with numerous runners making the most of the fine weather and traffic free roads.

Speaking of which the roads in Rome are a nightmare and certainly not designed for pedestrians. Pavements are few and far between and those that do exist are narrow. Of course the streets are teeming with tourists who have no idea where they are going and no sense that there might also be a car sharing the road. Despite this Roman drivers are highly tolerant. You very rarely hear the sound of a car horn. If it was me I’d have my hard firmly resting on the horn!

Stopping for a coffee in the Piazza del Popolo proved to be an expensive business with one bitter lemon costing the same as the pizza we had enjoyed yesterday lunchtime. To be fair that’s the only time during our visit that we felt we had been stung. The hotel proved to be especially good value as drinks were always accompanied by nibbles of some sort.

We elected to take a taxi to the airport as the cost was only a few Euros more than the trains and decidedly more comfortable, although our driver was clearly auditioning for the vacancy at Ferrari – a regular Michele Alboreto! At one point he took off from the motor way to join a narrow pitted track. I thought that we were being abducted but it turned out to be a shortcut!

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time which turned out to be a mistake as our plane was delayed by over an hour due to high winds in London. Not a good sign after a week of lovely, fine weather but at least we had a fun time and some late summer sun!



Italy 2014 – Day 5 – The Vatican

Another walking the streets of Rome and today we headed towards the Vatican.

We have been told that the weather back home has finally turned but it is still lovely here with the top temps getting into the mid to high twenties. Despite this the locals were already beginning to wrap up with scarves and coats while I was feeling hot with just a tee shirt and shorts combo!

Like the rest of Rome the architecture at the Vatican and St. Peter’s square is a wonder given that it will have been all done by hand. We didnt go inside this time but there was a long queue of people waiting to do so. Instead we found a quiet back street and had some lunch.

I have to admit that by this point in the holiday we were beginning to feel a little jaded and by the time we reached the botanical gardens we were running on empty.

In the evening we found a lovely looking restaurant just a few streets from the hotel. The waiter, rather than presenting us with printed menus brought a board with no translations. Up for a challenge we both chose things that we thought we recognised. It transpired that it was a fish restaurant which would explain the hand written menu. Our selections were fine but I really wanted a simple pasta dish and not this fancy tuna!



Italy 2014 – Day 4 – MC Escher

Today was a bit of a departure from the norm in that while we did all the usual touristy things we also went to a museum to see and exhibition of the works of MC Escher.


His work fascinates me and is some of the most accessible art that I have come across. Part of what I love about his work is the symmetry of it. The tescilating, regular patterns seamlessly moving from one form to another without your eye really noticing. Really striking. More enjoyable than the Spanish Steps too, which I have always felt were overrated.

Something that isn’t overrated is the Coliesum. A marvelous building on a grand scale. It is even better at night when the air is cooler and there are fewer people around.

We had a meal at a cafe in a good position overlooking the Coliseum but as I have been warned previously – never eat anywhere that is known for something other than its food.

After a stroll around the whole of the building we made our way to the Forum but this didn’t seem to be lit so we grabbed a taxi and made our way back to the hotel.